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Stephanie Rooney-MacKay


      “Grandma… Grandpa… go down more…” Here I am 5 years old in the middle of a snow storm pushing snow around with a shovel that is double my size while trying to take a photo of my grandparents. Not knowing at the time how important this moment would be in my life. But now, 20 years later I realize THAT was “The moment” that changed everything.

      Since then I have always been interested in cameras and the process of developing images. Photographs have a way of telling a story without words.  Those stories are what inspired me to do what I do today and love every part of it.



    After high school, I attended Antonelli Institute of Photography and Graphic Design to receive an associate degree in photography.  While at Antonelli Institute I received the Robert Golding Award for Excellence in Photography and three 2nd place award winning photographs. 

       Being able to photograph portraits and weddings to me is a great honor. It is taking a time in people’s lives and making it a memory. It may mark a special occasion or it may be one of the only times that a family can be together in one place.  Being able to be there and to photograph the moments and the emotion is incredible and it becomes a memory that will never be forgotten.  That’s where I like to help and assure my clients that not one single moment will be missed.


       Another passion of mine is automobiles. Since I was a little girl I’ve had a love for hot rods. I always spent my Saturday mornings watching car garage TV shows with my dad and then spending the day with him building whatever project he was working on. That’s where I got the “itch” to photograph automobiles.   I believe that everything has a soul to capture. When owners put their sweat, blood and time into something that comes out unbelievably beautiful, I feel that it takes on part of your soul.  Something so beautiful should be photographed.  


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